Traffic Control Rentals

Ensure smooth traffic flow and safety at your events or construction sites in Minnesota with our comprehensive traffic control rentals! From barricades and cones to message boards and delineators, we offer a wide range of rental solutions to meet your needs. Whether you're managing a concert in Minneapolis, coordinating roadwork in Saint Paul, or organizing a community event in Duluth, our traffic control rentals provide the tools you need to maintain order and safety. With easy setup and durable construction, our rentals offer a convenient and effective way to manage traffic in bustling environments. Trust us to provide the right equipment tailored to your specific needs in Minnesota. Contact us today to explore our traffic control rental options and ensure smooth operations for your projects and events!

A-Frame/Parade Barricade

8ft A-Frame/Parade Barricade

Package includes:

Type 3 Road Barricade

6ft Type 3 Road Barricade

Package includes:

Concrete Barricade 

Concrete Barricade 

Traffic Cone

28 Inch Traffic Cone/Reflective Callor 

Delineator Traffic Cone

42 Inch Traffic Cone/Reflective Callor 

Road Closed Sign

Road Closed Sign

Road Closed Sign

Road Closed Sign

Special Event Sign

Special Event Ahead Sign

Slow Sign

Slow Sign

Up Arrow Sign

21in x 15in Up Arrow Sign

Left Arrow Sign

21in x 15in Left Arrow Sign

Right Arrow Sign

21in x 15in Right Arrow Sign

East Sign

24in x 12in East Sign

North Sign

24in x 12in North Sign

West Sign

24in x 12in West Sign

South Sign

24in x 12in South Sign

Right Detour Sign

21in x 15in Right Detour Sign

Left Detour Sign

21in x 15in Left Detour Sign